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Isles Gallowglass

Hello all,

I received some Isles Gallowglass and command a few months back. I finally got around to painting the fitst group. At the time of ordering one set of Gallowglass as well as the second command set were unavailable on the site which was a shame. I will order them in the future im sure.

I am really fond of these and they were a joy to paint. They are slighter than the Perry Gallowglass, although not overly so. Their dress and armament is I think of an earlier period than mid to late 16th Century, however should be fine for earlier 16th Century force compositions( my plan is to build both a Gaelic and Tudor force capable of fielding Nine Years war forces as well as the fifty odd years or so before hand).

I got along with these  a few of the Antediluvian Highland bowmen which I will be using as Redshanks with bows, even if they have swords and axes slung across their backs....


  1. Grand looking bunch of gallowglass! Very nice figures, excellent finish!
    Best Iain

    1. Much appreciated Iain. I was looking for an excuse to include them,they are a bit early gear wise but I can include them for earlier battles. My lovely wife is my most regular opponent and she doeant mind me being a bit loose with dates!


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