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It has been a hectic Christmas and new year period. I did manage however aside from some fierce work/family multi tasking to get in some Ale drinking and conversion work.

I have however been unfaithful to my 16th century project and cheated on them with some late war Germans. It has become more than a fling though, and I am well on the way putting together an entire Heer division with plenty of Fallshirmjager, SS and Volks Grenadier units mixed in too!

Hobby infidelity aside, here are my latest conversion additions for my Irish. Most of the shot are Perry, some really very nice sculpts, with the exception of the guy in the back with the blue jacket who is a Eureka Portuguese Colonial conversion. All the pikemen are Eureka conversions. The painted one has had a Leine added with greenstuff.


  1. Great looking shot and good looking horse, is that more newline figures?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. Yes they are the rest of the newline figures. I tried to copy the Osprey illustration of Irish Horse. They are nothing if not unique!


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